A practical guide to the everyday application and usage of the amazing possibilities to make dramatic changes to your life inherent in Quantum Physics and, especially, in Quantum Field Theory.

Throughout mankind's entire history there have been rare events, discoveries and inventions which have radically
changed the form of life
upon this Earth.

This is yours!
This is now.

You are looking at the first edition.
March 2007.

The knowledge contained in this basic course is not exclusive, i.e. unlike many other "expert" programmes, its' application is not restricted to any particular area of human activity. Although, to clearly demonstrate how Quantum Marketing functions, the sale of products and services is used as the initial application, once you have grasped the principles, Quantum Marketing will enable you to make dramatic changes in all aspects of your life:-

Your finances
your relationships
your personal safety
your creativity
your happiness
your awareness
your presence and charisma


Since September 2005, the buzz in the Online World is that there will be a radically new departure in web marketing. "The Secret" wasn't it; neither was "Butterfly Marketing" nor anything else riding this wave of expectation. They are good but they're not the total redesign of the marketing world promised.


Quantum Marketing is it!

Quantum Marketing is a total paradigm shift in communication.

Quantum Marketing will also bring with it some great changes to society as we know it:

No longer will marketing decision be based upon guesswork, calculations, hopes, unprovable assumptions and the extremely dubious expectation that what has worked for one will work for all others.

Quantum Marketing reverses completely "normal" methods:

- no longer will you seek customers - you will simply build a Quantum Doorway through which customers will seek and find you.

- no longer will you "hunt" for your perfect partner - you will build the way which automatically brings you together.

- no longer will you advertise for like-minded to people to join your club or society - you will simply call them to you.

- no longer will you be open to manipulation by liars, fraudsters, tricksters, politicians and the like - you will instantly know when something is false.

- no longer will you hope that your journey will be completed in safety - you will "see" it in its' entirety before you start. With Quantum Marketing there are also no advertising costs! Before you spend a single penny on your product you will know not only whether it will be successful but also exactly how to achieve this success - not as a pre-printed formula that someone else has used but as a unique custom-made process exactly fitted to you and your product/desire.

Quantum Marketing is based upon the practical application of Quantum Field Theory - a description of how the World actually functions. In the Quantum Marketing Handbook you can read how the works of Einstein, Jung, Bose, Heisenberg and Rubbia have been for the first time brought together to produce a working system to easily and consciously use the Quantum Fields to rapidly attain your goals with virtually zero cost.

The Quantum Marketing basic course will be mastered within a few short weeks and ever after give you the power to know what will succeed for you and how to do it in the easiest and cheapest way possible.

Part 1. will show you how to "notify" the Quantum Information Fields of your project.

Part 2. teaches how to find out within a matter of days whether your project is a winner or will bomb. Never again waste a single penny on things that will never work for you.

Part 3. shows you not only how many potential customers you have but also how strong the competition is.

Click here to get the Quantum Marketing Handbook and lessons 1 - 3 completely free of charge!
Your personal details will never, under any circumstances be lent, hired, sold or in any other manner be given to or made available to anyone outside the Harmony Group of companies.

Part 4. opens the direct communication channels to your customers.

Part 5. builds the Quantum Portal through which your customers immediately find their way to you.

Parts 6, 7 and 8. are the "fine tuning" whereby you not only make your products "irresistible" but also preferable to any competition. These also show you how to develop further products precisely attuned to the desires of your customers.

You can access your personal free trial of the Quantum Marketing techniques right now by clicking this link.

I will just put the tools into your hands and show you step by step how to use them. What you actually do with them is entirely up to you.

You may also "take the plunge" now and be one of the first Quantum Marketeers upon the planet.

The standard price for the basic course is $97.00 (€97.00 in the EEC, £67.00 U.K.).

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Side effects:
Not only does Quantum Marketing get you what you want, whatever it may be, and when you want it, the increased personal awareness which use of the techniques engenders will bring greatly enhanced security, safety and clarity. After a few weeks of using Quantum Marketing you will begin to notice that you can be aware of the end of a journey before you start it. This is implicit in Quantum Physics - it's called superpositioning whereby a single event is simultaneously present in two or more locations - it's an inherent aspect of Quantum Field Theory. Your increased awareness will let you connect with the landing of the aeroplane (for example) before it takes off. Your increased awareness will also show you the crash if that is how the flight has will ended (we're going to need some new grammatical structures to describe these effects). Similarly, wherever and however you are going in your life, you will become aware of the result long before you get there. This allows you to change your course by selecting a different probability path to follow.


The Quantum Marketing shop is open 24 hours per day, every day.

You can download the basic course PDF and audio files at any time day or night.

Within 3 minutes from right now, you can be on your way to become a Quantum Marketeer!


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Not only will you personally benefit directly from the use of the Quantum Marketing techniques, you can even earn money by introducing other to Quantum Marketing!

Any purchaser of Quantum Marketing (or any other Harmony Energy Consultants Ltd. product) can sign up free to become a Harmony Energy Consultants Ltd. associate and offer the entire palette of products (to which at least one new one per month will be added) to anyone and everyone provided you do not spam. Spamming will result in immediate revocation of your associate status.

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