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Facebook changes its terms and clarify its use of information for consumers following discussions with the European Commission and consumer authorities.

Today, the European Commission and consumer protection authorities have welcomed Facebook’s updated terms and services. They currently clearly explain how the corporate uses its users’ information to develop profiling activities and target advertising to finance their company.

The new terms detail what services, Facebook sells to 3rd parties that are based on the employment of their user’s information, how consumers can close their accounts and under what reasons accounts can be disabled. These developments come after exchanges, which aimed at getting full disclosure of Facebook’s business model in a comprehensive and plain language to users.

Vera Jourová, Commissioner for Justice, consumers and Gender Equality welcomed the agreement: “Today Facebook finally shows commitment to more transparency and simple language in its terms of use. A corporation that wants to restore consumers trust after the Facebook/ Cambridge Analytica scandal should not hide behind complicated, legalistic jargon on how it’s making billions on people’s information. Now, users can clearly understand that their information is used by the social network to sell targeted ads. By joining forces, the consumer authorities and the European Commission, stand up for the rights of EU consumers.”

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Advertisers respond to Instagram suicide link revelations.

Advertisers and brands have been singled out by a BBC News investigation, which discovered they had been appearing alongside Instagram posts promoting suicide and self-harm.

In a statement the ISBA deplored such associations and demanded that an independent, business funded body be established to certify content appropriate for advertising.

It said: “As responsible advertisers, our members would never prefer to be related to such material and having spoken to the brands highlighted in the BBC piece, they’re keen to understand how this has happened and what they can do to prevent it.

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150 people protest at Roundhouse as police Facebook scandal fallout continues.

“Off the streets! Off the streets!”

Those words echoed off the walls of Philadelphia police headquarters on Friday afternoon as over a hundred and fifty people gathered in front of the building, popularly known as the Roundhouse, to protest alleged police Facebook posts.
Demonstrators called for the benching, if not firing, of about 330 active city cops recently accused of making racist or otherwise offensive posts.

The protest, organized by Solomon Jones, a WURD radio host who also writes opinion columns that appear in the inquirer, featured remarks from a range of community members and public officials, as well as Jones; the Rev. Greg Holston, executive director of the interfaith community group Power; recently acquitted inmate Hassan Bennett; longtime local activist Asa Khalif; and State Rep. Stephen Kinsey (D., Phila.).

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