Pakistan complains to Twitter, Facebook over suspension of pro-Kashmir accounts

After Twitter and Facebook suspended dozens of pro-Kashmir accounts for the asking of the Indian government, Pakistan has said it’ll take up the problem with the social media platforms.

After social media platforms Twitter and Facebook suspended dozens of pro-Kashmir accounts for the asking of the Indian government, Pakistan Army representative Major General Asif Ghafoor has set to take the matter up with the social media sites, demanding the resumption of social media handles that post in support of Kashmir.

This was discovered through the private Twitter account of Director General (DG) Inter-Services public relations (ISPR) Ghafoor. He said that the authorities are going to be taking the matter up with Facebook and Twitter.

In his tweet, Asif Ghafoor suspect Indian regional headquarter workers of the social media platforms as the reason why the accounts have been suspended.

Pakistan authorities have taken up case with Twitter & Facebook against suspending Pakistani accounts for posting in support of Kashmir. Indian workers at their regional Headquarters are the reason. Please post back suspended accounts that you just know.

However, many Indian social media users, who replied to his tweet, accused Pakistani Twitter handles of spreading “fake and false propaganda”. Many netizens even trolled Asif Ghafoor’s tweet.
@Twitter @TwitterSafety this is the explanation Ghafoora wants accounts making false information to be active. What happens once an individual on top of the food chain is the reason for Mayhem, Spreading lies and misinformation? A giant conspiracy Exposed.

Some users additionally resorted to abusing and Pakistan bashing which resulted in counter-trolling from the Pakistani aspect — which started a giant fight, filled with abuses against each other.

Indians crying regarding false propaganda! Typically you fall in the pit you dug for others. Indians must stop warmongering and come back to ground and see the reality of Kashmiris plight at the hands of their occupying forces in IOK. Allow them to have their Say, that’s all pak asks for.

During the past one week, dozens of Pakistani Twitter handles have been suspended after India reported them to Twitter and Facebook, accusing the accounts of sharing propaganda through false videos and pictures which claim to portray the present situation of Jammu and Kashmir.

Since then, Pakistani social media users have been campaigning under the hashtag #StopSuspendingPakistanis on Twitter. The users claim that Twitter has suspended accounts that have posted in support of Jammu and Kashmir.

The most recent Twitter account suspension was that of 1 of belonging to a Pakistani daily express Tribune’s correspondent. The suspension reportedly came after he had replied to a tweet from Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

“Indian officialdom have admitted, on social media, to putting pressure on Twitter to suspend accounts tweeting in favour of Kashmir and against the Indian occupation regime”, claimed express tribune.

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